Feed & Grain

Lachenmeier Monsun is founded in a country with proud agricultural traditions, and the feed and grain industry has been our key customers since the very beginning in 1952 – and still is.

We have years and years of experience in designing and producing industrial solutions
customized to meet the specific needs of the feed and grain industry.

That means, that the product design solves relevant issues related to the feed and grain industry
– for example our cleanline chain conveyor and bucket elevator, that clean themselves to avoid
mixing of different products.


We develop quality products for both conveying, storage, drying, and dust aspiration. But we do so
much more than that – we also design tailormade solutions. Our experience enables us to embrace
the entire process from idea and design to delivery, installation and service of an entire plant. We
also make sure that all approvals and certificates are taken care of.



Scope of Delivery: Design
Equipment Used: Weighing, storage
Year: 2019

The aim of HaGe’s investments in new storage facilities is to ensure a sustainable orientation of the location in the port of Rostock. Especially the flexibility through higher capacity in the flow of goods will pay off. Building the second ship loader will boost the loading capacity and meet the increased demands of an efficient flow of goods.



Scope of Delivery: Grain Drying & Storage Facility
Equipment Used: Conveying / Drying / Storage
Year: 2018

In addition to the installation of a conventional dryer, a new developed low energy dryer working on recirculation of the air is part of the installation, making this plant state of the art with significant savings in heat consumption.



Scope of Delivery: Grain drying, storage, and intake system.
Equipment Used: Drying, Storage, Intake system
Year: 2019

Centrally located in Estonia on a greenfield a completely new plant has been put into operation. As an agricultural cooperation, Kevili offers a storage capacity of 50.000 tonnes and handles grain and oil seed products. In addition to storage the facility holds a state of the art low energy Mega Dryer with a capacity of 140 t/h.



Scope of Delivery: Drying, Storage and Intake system
Equipment Used: Drying, Storage
Year: 2019

About 70 km southwest of Warsaw on a greenfield, a complete high flexibility feed processing and storage plant has been set into operation for one of Poland’s largest, privately owned animal feed producers, Golpasz. Storage plant supplied by Lachenmeier Monsun is equipped with three intake lines, each with a capacity of 150 t/h. The total capacity of the silo plant is of 36,000m3.


Selected products

Our customers say

”We receive grain at 300 tons per hour and we are able to take out up to 600 tons per hour. That was the main requirement for our silo system and that requirement has been fullfilled. In the end we found that the solution from Lachenmeier Monsun was the most attractive one, both design-wise, functionality-wise and also cost-wise. So in the end the choice was actually easy for us.”

Klaus G. Andersen

Owner and Managing Director - Fredericia Bulk Terminal

Our customers say

”This has been a very exciting project to us. In order to ensure the best possible solution, we have co-operated closely with Lachenmeier Monsun from time of greenfield until final installation. And I feel confident that the best possible solution is exactly what we have achieved.”

Torben Madsen

General Manager

Our customers say

”Lachenmeier Monsun is a trusted partner in the construction process - represented by professionals, who promptly answered all of our questions, and provided technical solutions that met all our requirements."

Victor Perunko

Technical Engineer - Private Enterprise Oliyar

Our customers say

“We have cooperated with Lachenmeier Monsun since 2003, where the first intake systems where designed, produced and installed in Kalundborg by Lachenmeier Monsun. A cooperation that has truly developed along with the expansion of the Dan Store Terminal in 2011/2012”

Simon Rodian Christensen

Copenhagen Merchants

Our customers say

"We would like to thank Lachenmeier for the uncomplicated and good advice during planning and realization of the project. The 1000 t/h conveyor is performing to our full satisfaction, the low power consumption in connection with the heavy industrial design, made the decision to choose Lachenmeier Monsun very easy."

Sven Sörensen

Geschäftsführerg.T.H. Getreide Terminal Hamburg Gmbh & Co. Kg

Our customers say

"I very much appreciate the organized work done on developing the specification and delivery of equipment, as well as the quality of its execution. The price/quality ratio is very well balanced, and the equipment looks very aesthetic too."


Technical Director - OOO Agropromstroy