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Global Installation Team

Whether it is installation supervision, commissioning, debugging, or on-site training, just let us know what you need.  We are always ready to help!

Tel.: +45 7342 2725


For Trouble-Free Operation

Reliable and trouble-free operation, our service contracts provide scheduled maintenance and replacement of wear parts.

Tel.: +45 7342 2725

Spare Parts

Quick Delivery of Quality Spare Parts

We provide spare parts for our own bulk material handling systems, but did you know that our quality parts are designed to work in systems supplied by other manufacturers?

Tel.: +45 7342 2738
Maximum Operating Reliability

At Lachenmeier Monsun you can have the full package with installation and service

Installation & Service

A team of our own fitters, supervisors and site managers install, repair, maintain and supervise. When the site is abroad we often team up with local fitters in cooperation with our most experienced and qualified fitters on site.


Our head fitters are responsible for the safety on site. We use certified lifting equipment only, and all our fitters have completed all necessary safety training when it comes to working environment, firefighting and using the safety equipment required for a specific job.

Certified for Working with Spark Producing Equipment (Hot Work)

All Lachenmeier Monsun fitters have a valid diploma from DBI Fire and Security (10,1+3) (The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology). In case no applicable fire extinguishing equipment is available on site, our fitters will use their own equipment during the hot work.

Maximum Operating Reliability

Service contracts with fixed inspections leave us with a detailed knowledge of your plant. This is a good way to secure an effective and smooth cooperation – when you need it

Travelling Service Team

Our travelling service team is well equipped with either Lachenmeier Monsun service vans or site containers complete with offices, workshop and canteen facilities.

On-site Training

After commissioning is complete

Our service technicians can train your management and operational staff on how to use, maintain and service the equipment properly.

We show you which buttons to push and what the functions are. Your staff will learn which functions to focus on and how to adjust settings through the HMI, how to check and adjust cable tension, and basically, answer any questions your team may have with your new system.

Monsun Service Agreements

Ultimate Operating Reliability

Our service agreements provide scheduled maintenance and replacement of wear parts. This is particularly beneficial if you have purchased a complete powder handling system.

When you share the details of your application and operating conditions with us we can prepare a detailed maintenance schedule for your consideration. Our service agreements can also include delivery of strategic replacement parts to your site for immediate use in case your line goes down. Of course, our customers with service agreements always command our highest priority.

If you are interested in more details about our service agreements or would like your equipment to be inspected and serviced, please contact our service team in our Danish headquarters. We are happy to help!

Installation Supervision

Includes assistance to complete your project

We guide your fitters when it comes to support structures and how to place the equipment correctly as per layout drawings. We advise you how to install the systems and we assist the electrical contractors in powering up the equipment.

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Installation & Service

Head of Installation Dept.: CLAUS FOLKER KRAG
Tel.: +45 7342 2725

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Spare Parts

Danish / English Speaking Tel.: +45 7342 2738