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Drying, Storage and Intake system
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Drying, Storage
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About 70 km southwest of Warsaw on a greenfield, a complete high flexibility feed processing and storage plant has been set into operation for one of Poland's largest, privately owned animal feed producers, Golpasz. Storage plant supplied by Lachenmeier Monsun is equipped with three intake lines, each with a capacity of 150 t/h. The total capacity of the silo plant is of 36,000m3.

Project Manager Tage Fink: “Particular silo plant is technologically advanced and adds to the flexibility of grain processing operations – a tailor made solution that ensures the customer a flexible production flow.

The solution allows to convey the grain into the silos via up to 150 different routes, whereas many of them can run simultaneously or independently of each other. For instance the intake system is able to handle barley in one intake pit, wheat in another, while simultaneously drying rape from the third intake pit.

In addition to the main grain conveying system, Lachenmeier Monsun has integrated an extra intake directly to the feed mill – equipped with advanced cleaning and drying system – to maintain the production uptime.

Overall, the functionality of the plant demonstrates the high engineering and cooperation skills in the project designand execution phase, both from the steel construction contractor and Lachenmeier Monsun – an example where the interaction between the experts of two branches yields in delivery of an optimal solution.


Details onLachenmeier Monsun supplies:

3 truck intakes, each 150 t/h.

Silofilling and discharge:
Conveying capacity 150 t/h.

3 flat bottom silos, each 4.800 t
5 flat bottom silos, each 1.900 t
6 hopper silos, each 462 t
Total capacity: 26.670 t

Sweepaugers for optimal silo outloading

Truck unloading with a double side truck tilting platform, length – 16 meters

Monsun MEGADryer equipped with MONSUMATIC control system
Capacity: 350 t per day

Capacity: 150 t/h

Completedesign, manufacturing, supply – and installation work.

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