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From talented toolmakers to dedicated designers


Lachenmeier Monsun

Much has happened since Christian Lachenmeier established Lachenmeier Maskinfabrik back in 1952. From the very beginning, the company specialized in building and supplying the grain and feed industry with grain dryers and conveyers. Later, more industries followed, and when the first wood pellet factories were built in the beginning of this century, Lachenmeier Monsun designed the conveyors.

Today, the biomass fuel and grain & feed industries are still important to Lachenmeier Monsun. But we have changed our focus from selling machinery to designing solutions. Our dedicated designers and project managers are specialized in creating tailormade solutions to meet the specific needs and available workspace of each of our customers.

At Lachenmeier Monsun, we have a major part of our value chain inhouse. That means a lot to us. We are almost independent of other suppliers and therefore much more in control of our supply chain. In 2020, we bought PAM A/S – an innovative construction factory specialized in the production of rotary valves, screw conveyors and solutions for pneumatic transport of bulk materials. PAM is situated in Odense and have modern production facilities and a strong
engineering department.


Our mission & vision

Our mission is to ensure our customers and partners clever and optimal solutions within handling bulk goods and drying of grain products.

  • We want to be a high-end supplier of machinery and plants within bio fuel as well as grain and feed
  • We want to be a first-class project company with a strong technical approach.
  • We want to possess the ability to convincingly implement projects with a strong focus on progress, profitability, punctuality and quality.
  • We want to be an attractive workplace with a good working environment, that attracts the best fitters, most skilled employees within production and logistics, the sharpest project managers, the most experienced designers and solutions-orientated salesmen.

Meet our experts


About Esben

The father of many of our products

Esben is our senior engineer and head of development. Not only has he been in the company since 1982, he has also designed and redesigned a lot of the products in our existing portfolio – like the Mega dryer and our dust filters. Esben has always been ahead of development. Even though the environmental and safety requirements for the products have become a lot stricter since Esben studied Mechanical Engineering, he has always succeeded in designing products, which met the changing requirements for many years.

Today, Esben is involved in most of Lachenmeier Monsun’s major projects due to this in-dept knowledge about plant function, legal requirements and explosion hazard. No standard product leave Lachenmeier Monsun without Esben’s approval, and he is often asked for advice in various projects. During the years, Esben has run many tests on projects and products, and his experienced eyes are indispensable when predicting and solving potential problems in the process flow.

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About Bent

Bent solves any mystery, but safety
always comes first

Our experienced service manager Bent has travelled the world since he started working as a fitter in the beginning of 1980s, and he has been site manager on projects in most of the world including Lesotho, Russia, and Iraq. Therefore, Bent understands quite a few languages and might be able to greet you in your own language. Also, Bent understands how things work – and don’t work – when building a new project on site. If something isn’t working as it is supposed to, Bent turns into Sherlock Holmes, and he doesn’t give up until he has solved the mystery.

At Lachenmeier Monsun, we and our customers benefit greatly from Bent’s experience and passion for safety. Once being forced to have a veterinarian to sew a wound after a small accident, he knows that it is always better to prevent accidents from happening. Hence, on the first working day every year, all fitters bring and test all the gear in their vehicles. Everything has to be up to date and live up to the latest safety requirements. Bent also makes sure that the fitters themselves are updated and educated within the different aspects of safety e.g. rules for welding in flammable areas.

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About Rolf

Rolf meets every requested requirement

Our project manager Rolf was quite new in Lachenmeier Monsun, when he was involved in a complex project for HOFOR’s heat- and powerplant Amagerværket in Copenhagen. It was a project that included several different suppliers and hundreds of pages of requirements, specifications and risk assignments, and Rolf was continuously in direct contact with HOFORs advisors to be able to meet the given standards with a focus on ATEX directives. The project is a contributing factor to Rolf being one of our leading specialists within requirements according to ATEX.

Rolf is still working with some of our bigger projects, where he tirelessly is working on the most optimal and flawless flow and time schedule for our customers keeping in mind that it is not everything that looks good on a computer that fits in reality. Rolf is often the main contact between Lachenmeier Monsun and our customers.

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About Jørgen

Jørgen visualizes and realizes the
customer’s need

Jørgen was our first Project Manager to see and learn the advantage of digital designing back in the 1990s, and he is still one of the fastest to draw a detailed overview to visualize the need of the customer. Hence, the customer often meets Jørgen quite early in the cooperation. Besides being an expert in visualizing the needs of the customers, he is also an expert in asking all the questions, no one else thought about. And this saves a lot of time and later changes. As do correct measurements. Jørgen is very thorough and often spends hours to get the accurate measurements needed to get a perfect start on the project.

Since 2009, when Lachenmeier Monsun was involved in rebuilding the first power plant to run on wood pellets instead of coal, Jørgen has been working with various projects within both the energy and food & grain industry. This includes one of our biggest projects; Building a storage and transport system for the Studstrup power plant. The project lasted 4 years from the first drawing to the finished project, and Jørgen was running the project all the way.

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Our employees tend to stick

Our employees tend to stick with us for many years, which we are very proud of. Our company is built on our skilled and dedicated employees, and we are always interested in hearing from potential candidates that fit the description. If we have vacancies, you can see them listed below. If we don’t have any listings at the moment, you are more thank
welcome to send an application and your CV to job@lachenmeier-monsun.com.

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