Our Promise

Our customers are unique, and so are most of our projects. But no matter what we deliver, we have a set of core values and beliefs that reflect the way, we think and do things – and the way we interact with our customers and our partners.

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Our core values


Our products, our solutions and our employees are also here tomorrow.

  • We want to be a high-end supplier of machinery and plants within bio fuel as well as grain and feed
  • We respect each other’s diversity and our common goal.
  • We take care of each other
  • We give others the opportunity to succeed.


We take pride in delivering the quality agreed with the customer.

  • We take pride in doing it properly.
  • We listen to our customers and have strong customer understanding.
  • We ensure high quality throughout the process background in the customer’s needs.
  • We give others the opportunity to succeed.


Through trust and honesty, we create the framework of the customer’s success.

  • Give each other the opportunity to succeed.
  • You support each other in the goal to reach a common solution.
  • We always keep what we promise and make no promises, we cannot keep.