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DONG Energy Avedøre in Copenhagen has built a new round silo in concrete being able to store 100.000 m³of wood pellets. The new silo has extendedthe existing storage capacity by 4-5times. The silo receives wood pellets fromtheir internal port where ships andbarges are unloaded. The wood pellets areconveyed from the new silo to the boilerhouse.

Lachenmeier Monsun was one of the main suppliers into this landmark project for bulkstorage of wood pellets at DONG Avedøre in Copenhagen. Lachenmeier Monsundesigns total projects and supplies specialized technology for transport, loading and storage systems for biomass fuels such as finely granulated lightweight materials, saw dust, fines, cut straw, bark and wood pellets.

Lachenmeier Monsun supplies:

Filling of silo:

Heavy duty inclined belt conveyor type B1000 – Bio

Capacity – 1000 m³/h

Discharge of silo:

15 internal chain conveyors installed in the silo

floor with integrated pits and drive over grids.

In the centre channel below the silo a belt

conveyor type B1000 conveys the discharged

wood pellets to the boiler house via the

existing belt conveying system.

Support structures,bridges, walkway on both

sides of the belt conveyors, cladding for

covering of outdoor belt conveyors.

Complete design, manufacturing and

installation work.

Data silo:

Capacity: 100.000 m³ in wood pellets

Diameter: 70 m

Height to silo top: 46 m

Height of silo wall: 20 m

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