Happy New Year 20/21

Happy New Year – Some reflections on the year which has passed from our CEO Lars Johansen

Happy New Year – Some reflections on the year which has passed from our CEO Lars Johansen

2020 has been a quite different year in many ways. We started out with the prospect of receiving several orders. But then we had to go through a long winter and a dark spring because of the Corona situation.  For several months quotations remained quotations and were not transformed into orders. Fortunately, the situation took a turn to the better in June and we experienced an increased activity level in our production plant again. Especially right after the summer holidays our production plant was taken to a capacity test as the increased demand made us manufacture quite some large machinery and silo parts.

Furthermore Ukraine, Russia and Germany placed several reasonable orders, despite the Corona situation. During the year we have executed some quite interesting projects within our market segments Feed & Grain, Bio, Foodline and Recycling.



FOODLINE isa growing market segment. We are adapting our product range to a specific FOODLINEversion continuously. FOODLINE machines are completely or partly manufactured in stainless steel. Hygiene-friendly design is main focus in this process.



1 November 2020 we bought the company PAM A/S in Odense, Denmark. At PAM we now have 20 specialized colleagues and we can add PAM's high quality rotary valves in all sizes and material types to our product range. Furthermore, we can add a flexible range of special screw conveyors to our product range.

PAM's approach to the development of flexible, customized solutions is very similar to ours. It is our approach to the assignments that makes the difference on themarket. Like Lachenmeier Monsun, PAM is also aware that we need to create value for each single customer. This requires knowledge and insight.

PAM is a strong brand with a range of unique products. Uniting the competences of both our companies enables us to dig even deeper into very complex projects, especially when it comes to pneumatic conveying solutions. PAM A/S continues as an independently operated company with Joakim Haulrik as CEO and partner. Former owner, Steen Madsen, will still be busy in the sales dept. at PAM. Both our customers and we can benefit from Steen's vast experience.


At the beginning of 2021 we will have a reasonable level of activity. Major silo and drying plants will be erected in both Denmark and Sweden. At the time being we have already received major orders for machinery supplies for vegetable oil mills, among others, and last but not least we have received an order for a major power station project at FjernVarmeFyn in Denmark. The project supply activities of this project will reach its culmination in the second half-year period of 2021. The scope of delivery for this order includes among others a 900m3/h plant for handling wood chips, a 8000 m3 concrete silo, sieve building and complete automation and power installations - a project that demands all our skills. We are looking very much forward to supplying this project, as we are looking forward to supplying all other project - and there is room for more.


We wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

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