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Bulk handling of grain and animal feed
Lachenmeier Monsun A/S has a profound knowledge of designing, building and delivering clever systems and complete plants for handling and storage of grain and animal feed. We are a solid and competent partner, who ensures you safe and steady progress from idea and design to completed plant or project.

Bulk handling of biomass fuels
Lachenmeier Monsun A/S offers specialised technology for transport, loading and storage systems for bulk handling of biomass fuels. We have experience with a wide range of materials including lightweight, finely granulated materials such as sawdust, fines, cut straw to bark, straw - and wood pellets.

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Lachenmeier Monsun A/S • Grundtvigs Allé 176 • 6400 Sønderborg • Denmark • Tel.: +45 7442 2464

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