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Mega Dryer MONSUN

MONSUN™ Continuous Mixed Flow Grain Dryers: 10-200 t/h


The Monsun Mega Dryer is one of the largest mixed flow grain dryer in the world. It is designed for a safe and controlled drying of grain, seeds, malting barley, maize, rice, sunflower, rape seed, horse beans, coffee beans, peas, soya beans, etc.


High Feasibility

When there is a need for drying of grain crops, a MONSUN MEGA DRYER is a good investment. Low capital cost, low energy consumption, low maintenance cost and minimal downtime. Computerized and user-friendly adjustment possibilities for the operators secure optimal settings of the grain dryer.


Benefits: •Maximum return on investment

•High capacity in one wide column

•Low energy consumption

•Safe drying of oil seeds •Reduction of moisture content from up to 40% -15% in one pass – advantageous when dryingmaize

•Maintains safely germination capability in maltingbarley and seeds •Preserves baking qualities in bread grain •Homogenous drying – reduces breakage andcracks •Efficient dust removal


All equipment and accessories for MONSUN MEGA DRYERS is designed for indoor as well as outdoor installation.


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