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MONSUN Angle Conveyor

Specialized MONSUN™ Angle Conveyors 15-80° for industrial use


In addition to our standard chain conveyor program,  we design and manufacture angle conveyors with capacities up to 500 t/h.


Angle Conveyors are specially designed for applications where build-in conditions require installation of combined horizontal and vertical conveying of grain and biomass products, such us:

  • Saw dust
  • Chopped wood
  • Hot and oily materials up to 135 degrees
  • Wood pellets – hot/cold
  • Oil seed products – rape, sunflower, soya beans hot/cold
  • Feed pelets
  • Minerals and fertilizers

Solution that often is used as a integrated part in conventional bulk transportation system - an element that adds to the flexibility and efficiency of the plant operations.

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