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Intake Pit Aspiration System

MONSUN Intake Pit Aspiration System


The system reduces the dust spillage when using intake pits.


More stringent rules in respect of environmental conditions have led to development of the MONSUN™ Baff Wind System - a dust extraction system for intake hoppers.When unloading in the intake pit the system only opens in the spot where the product falls into the pit while the remaining pit area stays closed. At the same time, the generated dust quantity is sucked down through the pit by means of a fan upon which the dust is separated through a filter.


The Danish Furnace Society’s (Dansk Kedelforening) Environmental Laboratory has carried out measurements on an existing intake pit before and after the erection of a MONSUN Baff Wind System. Values obtained after the erection of the MONSUN Baff Wind System are below the sanitary limit value for organic dust.


The elements are stocked in standard sizes for erection in intake pits under standard grids.

They can also be supplied for existing pits of various makes.

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