The Largest Monsun Mega Dryers for Vietnam

Dryers and Belt Conveyors for the Largest Paddy Rice Handling and Storing Plant in Vietnam

SKIOLD A/S and Hanh Phuc Rice Jsc. have signed a contract for the construction of the largest plant for handling and storing of paddy rice ever built in Vietnam. The capacity of the plant will be 120.000 tons of rice annually, including the possibility of extending the capacity to 240.000 tons. This makes the plant one of the largest handling and storing plants for rice ever built in Vietnam.

As a sub-contractor to SKIOLD A/S Lachenmeier Monsun A/S supply all dryers and belt conveyors.

After having received and cleaned the paddy rice the Monsun Mega Dryers dry the rice with a capacity of 162,5 t/h, reducing the water content from 31 to 14%. Lachenmeier Monsun supply two dryers type 3KT20-006/10. Each of these dryers perform the stated capacity. The dryers are equipped with MonsuMatic Eco™ with automatic moisture control. The dryers are heated by means of steam, that is generated by burning rice shells from the rice production. In order to reduce the dust emission each dryer is equipped with 18 dust separating Venticlones.

In order to ensure a gentle handling of the paddy rice the conveying system mainly consists of belt conveyors. For this purpose Lachenmeier Monsun A/S supply xxx km of belt conveyor type B650 conveying.

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