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Lachenmeier Monsun Business Values

At Lachenmeier Monsun we care and have ambitions - both for our customers and our employees.


With our internal competences and capabilities, we strive to deliver the optimal solution to our clients every time. At the same time, we constantly improve our working environment for being able to provide the best work place to our employees.


Lachenmeier Monsun`s business has been built on old, solid and proven core values: 




The ones we are proud of and continuously strive to live up to. These parameters, also today, are fundamental to our business development and are integrated in every single business process– starting from sales to project commissioning phase.


It is an ongoing process and we look forward to introduce the value set to our new colleagues and business partners and together, deliver the best customer journey.

Lachenmeier Monsun A/S • Coriolisvej 1 • 6400 Sønderborg • Denmark • Tel.: +45 7442 2464

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